VIKI Viktoria - New Victorian LP (MW-008)

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VIKI Viktoria - New Victorian LP (MW-008)


Midwich is very proud to close out 2016 with what we feel to be our paramount release. VIKI Viktoria’s New Victorian LP is a crowning achievement in abstraction and time-folding. Its metallic futurescape could be the product of 2072 or 1972, harnessing an individual mindset at the peak of its powers. The sound vibrates, doubles up on itself and generally plays havoc with the senses, in the most pleasurable way. Deploying a dizzying array of primitive and advanced electronic techniques, this is one for the ages. Whether your first or hundredth listen, the album breathes with life and feels fresh each time. Years in the making, New Victorian is a timeless piece of electronic music.

VIKI Viktoria (aka VIKI) is the pseudonym of Detroit multidisciplinary artist, improvisor and composer Lindsay Karty, whose work involves historic and contemporary electronics, custom circuitry, sound spatiaization and language experiments into combinations of live and telematic performance. VIKI formed from the same pond of DIY electronics as Wolf Eyes, Maximum Cloud, Nautical Almanac and went on to obtain an MFA, studying with composer Pauline Oliveros. Karty continues to host Deep Listening events in Detroit, as part of her ongoing certification. VIKI moves fluidly between sound worlds, street-smart as well as school-smart. In 2016, she co-curated Detroit’s inaugural Trip Metal Fest, which hosted Morton Subotnik, Heiroglyphic Being + Marshall Allen & Danny Ray Thompson, among many others.

VIKI has toured with Wolf Eyes, ADULT. and Paper Rad’s Extreme Animals. She is also a member of SLIKI, a duo with Stallone the Reducer. She actively practices and collaborates in live multi-channel speaker performance in acoustically interesting spaces and club situations. Drexciya’s Gerald Donald called VIKI ‘The Gary Numan of Noise’.


  • Years in the making, New Victorian is the result of VIKI’s studies with composer Pauline Oliveros. VIKI is an active practitioner of Deep Listening and continues to facilitate events in Detroit

  • VIKI has been active since the early 2000s, with releases on Load, Animal Disguise & others.

  • VIKI has collaborated and toured with Wolf Eyes, ADULT. and others. She is a co-curator of Detroit’s inaugural Trip Metal Fest.

  • Drexciya’s Gerald Donald called VIKI ‘the Gary Numan of Noise’.

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