Viands - Temporal Relics LP (MW-003)

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Viands LP (MW-003).jpeg

Viands - Temporal Relics LP (MW-003)


Rated #3 in Top 10 Records of 2015 That Dave Segal Dares You to Check Out If You Think You Can Even Handle It --The Stranger

Rated #6 in Top 15 Albums by Detroit Artists
"Very rich — melodically, rhythmically, and in terms of its sonic palette. These oscillating and reverberating double keyboard jams are far more challenging than the average hipster synth record (which is great because hipster synth records are so 2013, anyway). Truly one of the biggest surprises of the year, one that bodes well for the new record label Midwich."--Mike McGonigal, Detroit Metro Times

"Recalls Eno's Neroli in its subtly indeterminate melodies and feinting rhythms, but is far creepier. The overall vibe is deceptively chill, with unsettling undercurrents rippling beneath everything, like that bizarre anomaly from a few years ago by Kwjaz. Recorded in one sitting at Detroit's Trinospheres by David Shettler and Joel Peterson. My favorite release so far on Jim Magas' strong new label, Midwich." --Dave Segal, Now Playing

" empty cavern waiting to be flooded with droplets of ominous keyboard melody and near-randomized drum machine patterns. The performance recalls the organic electronic communiques once pumped out of Cluster’s rural laboratory — all synth sequences soaked in delay, all beats squished into dripping shards of rhythm that patter on both in and out of step with the other machines in the arsenal. Temporal Relics evokes the dark impulses and claustrophobic harmonies of late-era electric Miles Davis or the winding, vocal-formant-like leads of Jon Hassell’s excursions into the fourth world." --Tiny Mix Tapes

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Viands is a spontaneous collaboration between two auteurs of Detroit's underground music scene: Joel Peterson and David Shettler (Moon Pool and Dead Band).Temporal Relics, their debut album, is a deep,reflective and fearless alternate-reality keyboard meditation that draws on the pair’s broad musical vision to explore new vistas. Temporal Relic #1 & #2 are carved out of the same continuous 40-minute session that marked the first time the pair sat down together and "just hit record." Temporal Relics is a vast, expansive and moody inner-journey of epic proportion.

Joel Peterson (Immigrant Suns, Chatoyant, etc.) and Dave Shettler (Moon Pool and Dead Band, etc.) met in the early aughts while Peterson was actively building a name for himself presenting underground and new sounds (his and others) to Detroit audiences with his Bohemian National Home venue and Shettler was back-boning and warping various rock and R&B acts across Detroit and the western world. Viands began as a sound check for a visiting jazz pianist borrowing Shettler's Moog sitting atop the Piano in Peterson's current venue Trinosophes. All live, all completely improvised, Mastered by Ruud Lekx (Rude 66) and cut by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in NYC.Temporal Relics comes housed in a wide full-color UV gloss jacket featuring artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator, Mark Salwowski, with layout by designer  Beth Hall. A digital download code is included.


Side A: Temporal Relic #1
Side B: Temporal Relic #2