Mick Travis - Face Disappears After Interrogation 12 EP (MW-004)

Mick Travis (MW-004).jpeg
Mick Travis (MW-004).jpeg

Mick Travis - Face Disappears After Interrogation 12 EP (MW-004)


"Really throws the hammer down, not only musically, but with the incredible sci-fi title Face Disappears After Interrogation (a title like that paired with another mind-blowing Mark Salwowski cover painting, featuring a drowned man in an underwater car and a young boy on a bike under irradiated skies, is really just too much). It might be the most traditionally heavy of the four Midwich releases (although none of them are slouches in the department), almost like some weird personal filtration of the gabber sound, except that the Side A track "Multiple Roles" might end up the most submerged-sounding thing in the catalog." --Blastitude

"A quivering mass of beat grids and synth squeals that kicks out of the gate with a weighty pulse and gradually accrues layers of static and percussion...wandering noise deconstructionist based...previously responsible for cassette transgressions issued by his own Medusa label and Aaron Dilloway’s Hanson Records." --Tiny Mix Tapes

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Mick Travis’s Face Disappears After Interrogation is a raw and severe experiment in modular synth, rhythm box and tape echo. Deceptively simple pulses oscillate from ear-to-ear forming head-nodding, brain-scrambling rhythmic patterns that could loosely be described as ‘techno’. Although there are reference points that one can latch onto, they are accidental, as Mick Travis operates in a world of his own. Rubbery, squeaky jutterings, grey washes, shimmering metallic moire patterns and stereophonic psyche manipulation are some of things that one can expect to dance to. Face Disappears After Interrogation was recorded at Tiny’s Squat, in Brighton, 2012.

Mick Travis has been the nomadic member of The Nevari Butchers, recording with them during his brief stay in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Travis also recorded the cassette There’s Nothing to Smile About, for Aaron Dilloway’s Hanson Records. Travis currently resides in the UK.

Face Disappears After Interrogation was mastered by Ruud Lekx (Rude 66) and cut by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in NYC. It comes housed in a wide full-color UV gloss jacket featuring artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator, Mark Salwowski, with layout by designer  Beth Hall. A digital download code is included.

A1. Multiple Roles
A2. Aggravate the Grave
B1. Face Disappears After Interrogation
B2. Frigid Finger