Moon Pool and Dead Band

Moon Pool and Dead Band photo by Doug Coombe

MOON POOL AND DEAD BAND (l-r David Shettler, Nate Young). Photo by Doug Coombe

Detroit-based Moon Pool and Dead Band’s David Shettler and Nate Young both have long and diverse musical histories: David Shettler is an in-demand musician and producer, playing with legendary outfits SSM, The Sights, Rodriguez, Paul Collins, Scott Morgan and many more. Nate Young is known for his work with Wolf Eyes, Regression, Dan’l Boone, Demons and many more. He is also known for his visual art and has exhibited in galleries worldwide. 

Their 2016 album Humanizer will be released on Friday, October 28th.

The duo of Nate Young (Wolf Eyes, Regression) and David Shettler (Viands, SSM) return with their highly-anticipated full-length follow-up to their MEQ 2LP remixes, released by Midwich in 2015 (MW-001). Humanizer is sonically diverse featuring varied modes of production throughout.

Humanizer jettisons with their live staple ‘New British Blues’, the 10-minute track recalling Shettler’s long-form work in Viands (MW-003), putting synthesizers in space, as live drums invigorate the track with an earthbound brashness. ‘Cycloid’ is the album’s most concise, bracing and dare-we-saycatchy number--a real ear-worm. ‘Sea Dust’ is a blasting electronic collage also featuring live drums (we think). The title track ‘Humanizer’ is classic Moon Pool, creepy and menacing with an off-kilter bass  thump. ‘A Gray Glow’ continues in classic mode with thumping bass and queasy synths. ‘Hospital Quiet’ features pleasing, sunward-facing ambience to reassure listeners that all is good.

Moon Pool and Dead Band have been a Detroit cult techno favorite since Shettler and Young joined forces in 2011. Uninitiated listeners are caught off-guard by the funkiness of the group, shaking assumptions about the group’s perceived roots. We’ve all heard bad noise-techno records--this isn’t one of them. The danceable style is one that grows organically from the duo’s life experience. Moon Pool and Dead Band approach the music with respect, knowledge and humor. Humanizer is a party-starter that could have only come from Detroit.