"Incredible Mike Broers mix of Midwich, a visionary nexus of Midwest freaks exploring sound." --BMG, Interdimensional Transmissions

Summer 2016 West Coast Tour


"...the plodding, pitch-bent bass-synth lick in [HIDE's] “Limb From Limb” blows out a sawtooth waveform so insanely you can practically hear the speaker cones flapping." --Philip Montoro, Chicago Reader

"...hypnotic, benefiting as much from its sparse rhythms as its ambient background envelopes. Appropriate for a collection indebted to science fiction’s sense of adventurousness and the mechanical partnership of a bionic human..." --Jordan Reyes, AdHoc FM

"Slapwalk," a twitchy and unsettling representative cut from [Alex Barnett's] new LP, Chew From the Mind, drops me into the slow-build horror-film mind frame of the surveilled" --J.R. Nelson, Chicago Reader